Our Playlists


All Sorts of Techno - Fall into the underground scenes in this playlist. Jam-packed with acid tech, techno, and tekno, that will make you feel like making that bass face.

Mmm Thats Hard V4 - Your parents call it 'doof doof'. We say its perfect for the 5am drive to the office. Or that heavy PR set. Choice is yours.

In My House v2 - From funky house to beach vibes, this eclectic mix of house music is perfect for any occasion. Let the beats carry you away. Sunroof open, sunglasses on, vibes on.

For The Streets V2 - From Drake to Future, this playlist is loaded with profanity and beats that will make you want to fight those demons.

The ADHD Special V1 - Classical music has been shown to stimulate the dopamine reward system in the brain, which can help you feel more focused. For when you need it.

Player One is the Main Character - From Hans Zimmer to Steve Jablonsky, this playlist is loaded with epic, cinematic music. For when you need to be the main Character.